First, the good news – prescription drugs have come an extremely long way in the past several decades. Infections and diseases that used to kill can now be easily treated or cured with a pill. Many illnesses that could cause a lifetime of suffering are now routinely cured or the symptoms treated with prescriptions.

However, there is bad news. Many prescription drugs are unsafe. Often, drug companies who have millions or billions to gain with the sale of a new drug will rush the drug on the market without proper testing. This can cause death or serious medical problems to the patients taking the drugs. Drug companies, who often have profits in the hundreds of millions or even billions of dollar annually have a responsibility to compensate their patients for any damages their dangerous medications have caused.

If you’ve been injured by a prescription medication, there are several parties that could be responsible. First, if the problem was due to the design of the drug or the manufacturing of the drug, the drug manufacturer could be held liable. In some cases, the drug may be fine but could have been improperly prescribed – maybe the wrong dosage was prescribed, the drug has dangerous side effects, or the drug interacts with other medications you’re taking. In those cases, the doctor could be held liable. In some instances, the pharmacist could also be held liable. Maybe you were given the wrong dosage or the wrong drug, or the pharmacist failed to provide you with proper dosage instructions.

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