I sought out Ms. Liberty to represent me in a medical malpractice lawsuit. She came highly recommended, and not once did I regret my decision! Ms. Liberty was tough on the defendant, never easing up, even when he treated her like a “dumb broad”. Her persistence, attention to detail, and knowledge of the law brought us a victory; even the opposing counsel walked away embarrassed by their client’s unprofessional behavior, yet shocked they had lost their case.

- Jessie Jewitt

I never met a lawyer so kind and so dedicated to her client like Ms. Liberty. She really understood my case and my needs and treated me with so much respect. I really knew she was going to win my case because she worked so hard on it. If I ever need her again, she will be there for me. And if I have any friends who need a lawyer, I will refer them to her. I was really lucky to have her as my lawyer.

- Miguel A. Yedra

Micha Star Liberty represented me as the lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit by customers against Waste Management. She communicated well and kept me advised of the progress of the case. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to negotiate a favorable settlement. I received a monetary award as lead plaintiff, and her results showed as a credit on every Waste Management customer’s bill.

- Cynthia Urilakas Simons

I am thrilled to recommend Micha Star Liberty as she was an outstanding attorney!!! It was obvious to me from the beginning that she was definitely experienced, which gave me confidence that my lawsuit would be resolved very positively! It definitely was!!! Micha provided me with preparation for every step along the way. When confronting difficult adversaries, she reminds me of an attack dog who would not release their ankles until they compromised as much as was possible. She is amazingly effective and always very professional! I felt that both my lawsuit and myself were of great significance to Micha and her employees, and I never felt neglected. The outcome of the lawsuit was VERY SUCCESSFUL and provided me with far more compensation than I had ever dreamed of!!! This was the first and only time in my life (I am now 76 years old) that I have taken any legal action for any reason. And I feel exceptionally fortunate that I was lead to Micha Star Liberty for this experience!!

- Ranya Cohen

Just when I was about to give up to the misrepresentation of the original law firm that took my case, I found Micha Liberty. In 2006, I was a victim of a careless person who hit me with his vehicle while walking on a well-marked crosswalk. I was badly injured physically and emotionally. What made things worse for me was having hired a Law Firm to represent me that was probably more careless than the person who hit me. I was not sure if I could change Law Firms considering that they had supposedly been working my case for almost two years. So, I decided to seek a second opinion and went to see Micha Liberty. Since our first meeting I felt at ease. She was very thorough, detailed oriented and more than anything listened to all I had to say. She explained to me, in a very simple language(not the typical lawyer’s garbage) what my rights were and what to expect. Basically, she took me by the hand and walk me through the whole process. What I like most was the fact that she, herself, would keep me informed of the progress of the case. I felt very well represented the whole time. SHE CARED. It felt like my case was the only case she was handling at the time. Even, way before receiving this petition to give my testimonial, I have been talking very highly of her to friends, family and acquaintances.

- Francisco J. Padilla

With grace and professionalism, Micha helped us navigate one of the most trying periods of our life. Her accessibility and patience with our questions empowered us to make informed decisions about our case. Micha stood up to the abusive tactics of a major national insurance company and compelled them to settle our case out of court. We could not be more pleased with the outcome.

- Eli

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