All organizations will face periods of change at some stage where a rapid modification of their management strategies will be required.  At the same time what is also required is a solution to serve as a catalyst for the gradual transition. This duality, if not dealt with deftly has ruined many a business.

Whether in the midst of leadership changes or when entering risky new markets to remain effective during systemic change even the most experienced Founders or CEOs harness the most powerful development tool to professionals: executive coaching.

 A professional coach will facilitate the process of accomplishing objectives through chaos, through transitions, and through periods of growth. It is not about focusing on past failures or mistakes, but on building alternative outcomes for the future.  Through radical accountability and unwavering support, through collaboration with our clients we develop their key performance indicators—because if it can be measured, it can be improved. The goal is to generate results that can be monitored and measured, maximizing the organization’s overall performance. It can also be about learning the skills to teach your team how to learn from each other rather than a top-down structure.

 Our professional coaching sessions are skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and inspire executives and team leaders to excel over the long term.

Now that we explained what coaching is, is also important to understand what it is not:

  • A professional coach is not an expert that will have all the answers
  • A professional coach is not to fix people
  • A professional coach will not do the work for the client
  • A professional coach will not police, babysit, or get people to work harder
  • A professional coach is not your new best friend
  • A professional coach is not a replacement for your management team.

By investing in your employee development and providing them with an environment where they can be successful, you also create an environment that means success for your company. The most effective leaders believe in the value of coaching and here are 6 reasons why:

  • Increased levels of motivation.
  • Boost in cognition.
  • Improved leadership skills.
  • Improved self-regulation.
  • Heightened self-awareness.
  • Increased empathy and understanding.

When the proper systems are implemented an organization can reach its highest potential.  This leads to an increased sense of employee engagement and more individual productivity.

While many might think that this type of coaching is a one fit for all, we don’t believe that what works for one, will work for everyone. Through our process to we create a totally custom-tailored path forward.

  1. We start by analyzing and assessing what has worked and what has historically not worked well.
  2. We report what we believe are key findings and will make solution-oriented recommendations based on the current state and the desired outcomes.
  3. We then design a strategy to implement these solutions. In this step we work with you to create a strategy and plan that matching you as a leader.
  4. Our work does not stop in the implementation of these strategies. We then analyze, measure and monitor the effectiveness, response, and most importantly, the results.

Whether you want to help your leadership team to embrace new challenges, adapt to new experiences and bring aboard a more diverse group of people or you simply want to create professional development opportunities specifically for diverse talent, contact Micha Star Liberty, at Liberty Law, with her professional coaching and experience, she will guide you to the success of your organization.   

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