Mean Bosses in The Workplace

If you’ve been in the workforce long, you probably either have dealt with a boss who’s a bully, or you know someone who has. A workplace bully frequently yells instead of asks, threatens instead of leading, and scares his employees instead of motivating them. In some cases, the bosses aren’t as obvious about the bullying. They may choose to act in a less-obvious manner, but can still be just as toxic to work with.

If you have ever worked with a bullying boss, you know what a horrible toll they can take on your mental and physical health. They can also hurt your career. You may absolutely dread going into the office and encountering your boss. You may spend your time off thinking about the job and how miserable you are. You could suffer health problems like ulcers, heart issues, headaches, and other physical symptoms related to stress. You might be afraid of leaving for fear of hurting your career, as well as your finances.


Dealing With Bully Bosses

Fortunately, legal help is available for this situation. You do not have to tolerate abusive behavior in the workplace, even if it does come from a supervisor. You may have claims for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and more. You can also choose to use state laws that require that employers provide a safe workplace in order to obtain relief from the bullying supervisor.


Steps You Can Take When Dealing With a Mean Boss

There are some steps you can take if you are dealing with a rogue manager. First, take notes. You will need documentation about what the boss says and does, when he or she does it, and to whom the boss does it. You should make detailed notes, as well as asking co-workers or others what they have seen and heard, and documenting your discussions with them.

You should also attempt to determine why the harassment is occurring. If it’s happening because of your race, health condition, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation or similar reason, you may have a case for illegal employment discrimination under state or federal law. However, you have to prove that that’s why the harassment occurred. If your boss, for example, makes a point to only harass older employees, or only gay employees, or if he or she makes slurs or other comments based on those characteristics, it’s critically important that you document those actions.

You should also determine how your company typically handles such complaints. If a procedure is spelled out in your employment manual, study it to see how the company expects you to lodge a complaint. If you choose to work with an employment attorney, provide this information to him or her.

Unfortunately, in many cases it may be difficult to bring a legal case against a rude boss. In general, it’s not illegal for a boss to be a jerk. However, if the boss or manager acts intentionally, the conduct is extreme and that conduct caused severe emotional distress, you may have a good cause of action against the company. Also, if you are bullied because of your race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. you may have a good case against your boss under both federal and California law.


Contact California Employment Rights Attorney

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