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An amputation is the loss of a body part due to an accident, disease, medical malpractice or another reason. An amputation usually results in a permanent disability and may have serious medical consequences. Unfortunately, many people in the U.S. have to go through life without the use of a limb. About 30,000 amputations occur in the U.S. each year. Over 1.5 million people in the U.S. are living with the loss of either all or part of a foot, leg, hand or arm. Many more individuals have suffered the amputation of fingers or toes.doctor preparing for amputation

Reasons for Amputations

The reasons for amputations are generally separated into four categories:

  • Vascular-Disease Related Amputations
  • Cancer-Related Amputations
  • Trauma-Related Amputations
  • Congenital-Amputations

Amputations that occur because of vascular disease generally involve circulatory issues such as diabetes. This is by far the most common cause of amputations. Amputations because of trauma are the second most common. This could include an arm or leg being severed in a car accident or a construction accident. Cancer related amputations are less common, and usually occur to keep cancer from spreading to other regions of the body, or to remove a limb that’s been damaged from cancer. Congenital-related amputations generally occur because of a genetic or congenital condition.

Losing a limb can be extremely traumatic to an amputation victim and to his or her family. The individual usually needs very extensive medical treatment (possibly including an artificial limb), physical therapy, and modifications to homes or cars. The victim may be unable to continue working and may need care provided by his or her family. An amputation can cause not only an emotional toll, but also a financial and physical toll.

Compensation for Amputation Injuries

For some people who have suffered an amputation or the loss of a limb, financial help may be available. If the amputation occurred due to a workplace accident, a pedestrian accident, a car or truck accident, a motorcycle accident, an explosion, a dangerous product, an accident on dangerous property, or medical malpractice, help could be available. You may choose to sue the person, business or other party responsible for the accident. This could include the driver of the car in an accident with you, your employer, a property owner on whose property an accident occurred, a negligent doctor or other health care professional, or another party.

An experienced personal injury attorney can negotiate with an insurance company or take the case before a jury. An attorney will take into account the high medical costs involved, both past and future, including rehabilitation and prosthetic costs. An attorney will also help you calculate your lost wages or reduced wages that will occur because of the loss of a limb. Your attorney can also help you make a claim for pain and suffering, both physical and emotional, that you have suffered because of the amputation. Your family may be entitled to damages because of the amputation as well.

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