Liberty Law attorney, Micha Star Liberty, was quoted in the New York Times today regarding the on-going revelations of rampant sexual harassment and assault in Sacramento. As we know, not just from the Weinstein allegations and the recent #metoo campaign, sexual abuse impacts a majority of women, whether it is the work place, college campuses, or street harassment. One in 3 women ages 18 to 34 report sexual harassment at work (and another 16% say they have not been harassed but answer “yes” to experiencing behavior that constitutes sexual harassment). Out of those who have been brave enough to come forward and report harassment in the work place, 81% say they experience verbal harassment, 44% say they’ve encountered sexual advances and touching, and 25% say they’ve gotten lewd text messages or emails. And again, these are just the women who talk. Seventy-one percent of women say they have never reported the harassment. To cure this epidemic, we need reports to be independently and confidentiality investigated, and when sustained, disciplinary action to be taken. No more circling the wagons and protecting the harassers, no more victim blaming, and no more turning a blind eye with a “boys will be boys” shrug. Because, enough is enough. And #wesaidenough. It’s time to do something.

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