The family of Danroy Henry Jr., a Pace University football player from Easton who was shot and killed by police outside a bar in New York State in October, will file a $120 million lawsuit against the Town of Mount Pleasant and Village of Pleasantville, claiming local police “were negligent and lacked proper training before they fatally shot Henry behind the wheel of his car.” According to the suit, Henry had slowed down his car when an officer jumped onto the hood and shot him just feet away. The required notice of claim also states that after the shooting, officers handcuffed Henry and delayed medical care.

In a notice of claim dated Dec. 30, Michael Sussman, a lawyer who represents Henry’s parents, said police officers from both communities were negligent and lacked proper training before they fatally shot Henry behind the wheel of his car.

Sussman said that Henry’s parents, Danroy Sr. and Angella, will file a federal lawsuit seeking $120 million in damages. As executors of Henry’s estate, they are seeking damages for Henry’s pain and suffering as well as damages for their own pain because of the loss of their son.

“[The officer] jumped in front of the vehicle, with his weapon already drawn, giving DJ Henry no time to stop,” Sussman said. “As he slowed down – not sped up – the officer jumped onto the hood of the car at 2 feet away and shot and killed DJ Henry, which we think is murder.”

The notice of claim, which is a required document in New York when parties intend to sue a city or town, also says that after shooting Henry officers handcuffed him and delayed medical care, possibly contributing to his death.

The claim also says that police from both communities were poorly trained and “lacked the judgment necessary to serve as armed police officers.”

“We feel like we are prepared to prove that these actions were negligent,” Danroy Henry Sr. said in a phone interview yesterday. “We just want to understand what happened.”

“What we really want is the one thing we can’t have. We want our son back,” the father said.

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One response to “Police Sued for $120 Million in Fatal Shooting

  1. The parents of Danroy Henry had their own toxicology test done and it DID show that Danroy was legally intoxicated at the time of his death. Their attorney reported this as a fact, but then went on to make up some weird and crazy story that the alcohol would be out of his system by the time the police asked him to move his car. This is obviously inconsistent. It is known that at some point he had been intoxicated, despite the fact that they say he was the “designated driver.” Well, he was an “intoxicated” designated driver ! The Henry’s and their attorney sound non-sensical. The Henry’s independent toxicology report shows he was drunk. The legal age in New York State to drink alcohol is 21, and Danroy was age 20. So he already committed a crime by underage drinking. Then he was behind the wheel of the car, intoxicated. Another crime. So, Danroy Henry is NOT the little “angel” everyone wants you to believe that he was. I am sure the Grand Jury will find in favor of the police, and they will be correct. That will be the Absolute Truth.

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