Unfortunately, navigating legal issues between employers and employees in the workplace is often difficult. In addition to federal, state and local rules regarding employment matters, with which it can be tough to comply, often employment issues are not black and white. It may not be clear whether an employee’s rights are being violated, or if an employer is breaking the law. A qualified Mendocino County employment attorney can help employers and employees learn more about their legal rights.

Micha Star Liberty of Liberty Law is an employment law attorney in the Oakland-San Francisco Bay area who has significant experience working with both employers and employees in Mendocino County. Employers often need help with the drafting of agreements, including employee handbooks and employment contracts. Liberty Law can also help give answers to legal issues that may arise, and can perform workplace investigations.

Employees also frequently have legal issues as well. Most commonly, employees either face discrimination or harassment in the workplace. If the harassment occurs because of certain factors, such as religion, race, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy or others, the discrimination or harassment is illegal. This is true even if the discrimination and harassment aren’t being done by the employer, but instead by a co-worker, a customer, an independent contractor, or a supervisor.

Another common legal issue employees face is bosses who are bullies or who create a miserable working environment, which can lead to something called constructive discharge – where the working conditions are so horrible, the employee has no choice but to quit. Other employees can face not being paid sufficiently for all hours worked, including overtime, vacation time or sick leave. Employees and employers who have legal questions or who need help making claims in Nevada County can call Liberty Law to learn more about their next steps.

Liberty Law also works with personal injury clients who have been injured in Menocino County. Frequently, these injuries have occurred because of an automobile accident. Micha Star Liberty works with those who have been injured in truck accidents, aviation accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, rollover accidents, and more. She is passionate about helping accident victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled, and which is necessary in order to make the victims whole again.

Liberty Law helps not only automobile accident victims, but also individuals injured in other types of accidents. Professionals who have committed malpractice, such as doctors or lawyers, can be held responsible for any damages resulting from their negligence. Companies that make defective products, such as automobiles, medical devices or drugs, may be held liable for the damages their products cause. In some cases, the damage inflicted on a victim is intentional. Those victims, such as victims of police misconduct, sexual abuse or elder abuse, also need a voice to speak for them. Liberty Law can help.

Micha Star Liberty of Liberty Law is experienced in helping both those clients with employment law questions, as well as those who were injured in personal injury cases. Call Liberty Law today at 510-645-1000 or 415-896-1000. Liberty Law works with clients throughout Mendocino County, including Fort Bragg, Ukiah, Redwood Valley and Willits.

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