Alexis Kaniewski and her father Bogdan were riding their bikes in a Glenview-area forest last month. Bogdan suffered a heart attack and died there in the woods.

But Kaniewski, who filed a civil lawsuit against the Glenview fire and police departments, said her 57 year old father did not have to die, and that if ambulances didn’t take 40 minutes to reach them, he could have lived.

The police and Kaniewski’s husband showed  up within minutes, so why did it take the ambulance so long?

“It’s terrible that this has happened, that my father has lost his life,” Kaniewski said to the Chicago Tribune. “I honestly think that any public path should be accessible. If this ever happens to anyone again, and that’s very possible and probable, they’re going to need an emergency vehicle.”

The attorney representing Kaniewski said the lawsuit alleges negligence, and the case will focus on lag time and whether or not the ambulance knew how to plan properly for such incidents.

Kaniewski doesn’t have a father anymore, and she wants answers. You can’t begrudge her that.

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