With a huge tourist population of about five million visitors each year, as well as year-round residents, Napa County has its fair share of traffic accidents. Unfortunately, Napa County has automobile fatalities each year, as well as many more injuries. There are also a significant amount of injuries to motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as a few deaths.

If you have been one of those individuals who has been hurt, or have had a loved one killed, in an accident in the Napa area, you may choose to pursue a claim against the responsible party, which may include a negligent driver. There are many different types of compensation that may be available to accident victims, including vehicular damage, past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional damages to family members, time off work, and more. If you wish to learn more about a potential personal injury claim, contact the professionals at Liberty Law. Micha Star Liberty works with accident victims throughout Napa County, including Napa, Calistoga, and Saint Helena.

Liberty Law works with all types of personal injury accident victims. Some of the types of cases Liberty Law handles include all types of automobile and truck accidents, property accidents (such as slip and falls), rollover accidents, accidents involving dangerous animals, sports injuries, elder negligence cases, swimming pool accidents, and accidents involving injuries to the head, spinal cord, or brain. Liberty Law also works with victims of intentional abuse, such as elder abuse, sexual abuse, and police misconduct.

In addition to helping accident victims and victims of intentional abuse, Liberty Law works with employees and employers, to help with their legal questions. Many of the employment law clients of Liberty Law have incurred employment discrimination or harassment in their workplaces. In many cases, harassment and discrimination are illegal in employment, if they occur on the basis of age, ethnicity, race, sex, national origin, religion, pregnancy, disability, or another similar reason. The harassment or discrimination may have occurred at the hands of the employer or a supervisor, but it may have been from a co-worker or a client.

There are other legal problems employees could face at work. Some workers are retaliated against for complaining about an employer. Workers may not be given proper time off work, in violation of the Family Medical Leave Act. Employees frequently aren’t given all the pay to which they are entitled for overtime, sick leave, vacation time, or hours worked. Other workers may be wrongfully fired. Micha Star Liberty also enjoys working with employers on their legal and workplace issues, including drafting employment contracts and performing workplace investigations.

If you are facing legal issues in Napa County, and you are looking for an employment law attorney or an accident attorney, call Micha Star Liberty of Liberty Law. Call her at 510-645-1000 or 415-896-1000. She can help with your personal injury case or with your employment law questions. Call today to learn more.

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