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Solano County is located halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco. It is one of the nine San Francisco Bay counties, as well as one of the four North bay Counties. Fairfield is the county seat, and Vallejo is the largest city. The population is much less than many of the other Bay counties, with 413,000 residents. Solano County is spread over 829 square miles.

Employment Law Issues in Solano County

Solano County SealWith a large number of businesses, employment law issues can arise in Solano County. Attorneys who specialize in employment law can help employers or employees whose rights are being violated or who have questions about employment law issues. Micha Star Liberty of Liberty Law is a dedicated employment law attorney who serves clients throughout the San Francisco Bay area, including Solano County.

For employers, Micha Star Liberty can help with any employment law-related issues that arise, such as developing an employee handbook, drafting employment agreements, and performing workplace investigations into allegations of misconduct in the workplace. Employers trust Micha Star Liberty’s guidance through legal issues that may arise in the workplace.

Micha Star Liberty also helps employees who are having difficulty in the workplace. This can include helping them pursue claims that they were illegally harassed or discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, disability, religion, age, or a similar reason. Employees may need help collecting all of the wages they are owed for their regular hours worked,overtime, sick leave, or vacation pay. Finally, employees can also face wrongful termination, work retaliation, a hostile workplace, a bullying boss, or a constructive discharge.

Personal Injury Cases in Solano County

Liberty Law also helps personal injury accident victims receive the compensation to which they are entitled. Solano County has a large number of automobile accidents. In 2011, there were over 1,500 injuries from automobile accidents, some of them catastrophic. There were also 27 individuals killed. Over a third of the deaths involved drunk drivers. There were also pedestrian deaths and injuries, motorcycle deaths and injuries, and bicycle deaths and injuries.

Those individuals who were seriously injured, or the loved ones of those who are killed, in automobile accidents in which another party is at fault, need help in putting their lives together again. They can seek compensation through the legal justice system for their injuries. The negligent drivers are responsible for the damages that result from their negligent behavior, including the damage to the other vehicle, the medical expenses of the individual(s) injured in the accident, and any other damages that are a direct or indirect result of the accident.

Micha Star Liberty works with clients who were involved in automobile accidents, motorcycle or bicycle accidents, truck accidents, rollover accidents , or airplane accidents. She also works with victims of brain injuries, amputation, spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and burn injuries. Those victims may have trouble rebuilding their lives. Liberty Law can help. This may mean working out a settlement directly with an insurance company, or it could also include taking a case to trial before a judge or jury. Whatever the circumstanced involved, Liberty Law guides clients through every step of the process so that their main priorities are healing and rebuilding their lives from the accident.

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