Although if you’re playing a sport, you may expect to naturally get injured as part of the game, in some cases the high school, college, coach, administrator or league official can be held legally responsible for the sports injury. If the injury occurred because of violence or poor sportsmanship, the person who inflicted the injury could be held responsible.

If you can legally prove that an individual’s conduct caused a player’s sports injury, he or she can be held liable. To prove negligence, it must be shown that the person breached his or her duty of care, which caused the player’s injuries. Some examples of negligence that led to a sports injury include forcing players to practice in 100 degree heat without providing shade or liquids or a sports facility failing to keep its equipment properly maintained.

However, not all sports injuries can result in damages being awarded to the injured player. Injuries are naturally a part of the risk associated with engaging in athletics. Sports can be physically demanding, and are dangerous in many cases. Some players should not have been playing the sport in the first place because of a medical condition or a lack of physical stamina.  There are two situations in which a person who is injured while playing a sport can sue for damages – negligence, and wanton or willful conduct.

If a person is hurt while playing a contact sport, it can be hard to prove liability, because it is expected that the person could get hurt while playing the sport. In order to prove that another player is liable for the injuries, it must be shown that the person intentionally caused the injury. For example, if a football player punched another player in the face during a tackle, breaking his jaw, he could be held liable. Although it’s expected that a person might get hurt during a football tackle, it’s not expected that you could be punched in the face.

Anyone who believes that another party is liable for his or her sports injuries should discuss the matter with a San Francisco area attorney. The defendant could be liable for medical expenses, and other expenses related to the injury. The defendant could even be liable for punitive damages if the injury was intentional.

Over the last several decades, the intensity of children’s, high school, and college sports has increased. Teams, coaches and leagues are more driven now than ever before to play at a high level. Although this intensity can be beneficial in terms of becoming good at the sport, and learning discipline and competitiveness, it can also result in more injuries to players, and in some cases even deaths. In many cases, the accident could have been prevented with proper care.

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