All “first responders,” including police officers, have very tough jobs and are some of our nation’s heroes. Law enforcement officers have a huge amount of power to make our society better, and most of them use that power to help make our lives safer and better.

Police officers have very stressful jobs, which often involve a lot of violence. Often, that violence is justified. If police officers are trying to arrest a very violent individual who is under the influence of narcotics, it may take a great deal of violence to subdue that individual.

However, sometimes police officers step over the line and abuse their power. In that situation, the law enforcement officers must be held accountable for their actions. The governmental agency or department that is responsible for hiring and training the police officer can also be held responsible for the unconstitutional conduct if it was a result of an official policy or custom. It can also be held responsible if the police department failed to adequately train its law enforcement officers to properly handle the situation, or if they failed to do thorough background checks in the hiring process.

It is important that if you have been mistreated by the police, you find an experienced police misconduct attorney to represent you. Time limitations apply to each case, and the longer it takes before an attorney becomes involved, the greater the odds that evidence will disappear. It is important to contact an attorney as quickly as possible after the incident occurs. The sooner you can get a police misconduct attorney involved, the easier your case will be.

Police brutality doesn’t only include violence against suspects. Police misconduct and brutality can also include shootings, false imprisonment, assault, sexual abuse, or denying a suspect’s medical needs. There have been an increasing number of police brutality cases in recent years, partially because more police brutality cases are being captured on video with the widespread popularity of smart phones.

Micha Liberty of the Liberty Law Office represents individuals and groups of individuals in the full spectrum of constitutional law litigation and civil rights, including excessive force and physical brutality, misuse of police dogs, illegal searches, false arrests and false imprisonment, denying medical needs and using deadly force without good cause.

At Liberty Law, Micha Star Liberty believes that while the vast majority of police do their jobs with a great deal of care, and a lot of force is needed in some cases, in other cases the police have  have crossed the line and should be held responsible. Micha Star Liberty at Liberty Law has extensive experience in successfully representing California’s individuals and groups of individuals who have fallen victim to rouge law enforcement officers or unconstitutional policies. She works with clients in the San Francisco area, including Hayward, Oakland, Tracy, Fairfield, and surrounding cities. Call her at 415-896-1000 or 510-645-1000, or click here if your civil rights have been violated or you have been mistreated by a law enforcement officer.

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