Nursing home residents are very vulnerable members of our society. When loved ones choose a nursing home, they expect the individual to receive a high standard of treatment.

Tragically, in some situations nursing home residents are the victims of negligence or abuse. If a San Francisco-area nursing home did not give your loved one an acceptable level of care, or mistreated your loved one, you should immediately move the patient from that nursing home to a better facility. You should also contact an attorney.

There are many reasons nursing homes may provide a poor level of care. The nursing home could fail to do a good background check into the criminal and work history of its employees, which may result in low-quality employees. The nursing home could be managed poorly, which can lead to a poor standard of care. In other situations, the nursing home is so severely understaffed that the nursing home cannot give its residents the care they need.

No matter what the reason for the nursing home’s shortcomings, providing low-quality care or being abusive to the elderly in a nursing home is against the law. Negligent care or abuse can cause mental and physical damage to the already vulnerable residents. Although some injuries can be fixed, others require long-term medical treatment or can even result in death. In those situations, the resident is entitled to money for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other expenses that come about as a result of the mistreatment.

There a lot of types of abuse that occur in nursing homes, including bedsores, sexual abuse, a failure to supervise residents, malnutrition or dehydration, overmedication, and physical abuse. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents are unable to communicate with their loved ones about the mistreatment or abuse. They may have Alzheimer’s or dementia, which can leave them unable to speak up for themselves or to report the treatment they have suffered.

However, there are some signs that could be a clue that something not right is occurring at the nursing home. The signs include dehydration, malnutrition, rapid weight gain or weight loss, falls, fractures, unsanitary conditions, or frequent infections. Although many of these conditions can have natural causes and may not be the result of abuse or neglect, it is important to be aware of the signs. It is also important to be aware that although a facility may look nice, clean and safe on the surface, abuse and neglect can still occur there.

With a significant portion of the population becoming elderly, the nursing home population is expected to substantially increase in the coming years. This could result in homes becoming overcrowded, which can lead to neglect or mistreatment. At Liberty Law, Micha Star Liberty believes that nursing home residents should be treated with a high level of respect. If you are in the San Francisco area, including Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, Marin County or Contra Costa County, and you suspect your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, call Liberty Law at 415-896-1000 or 510-645-1000.

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