Bicycle accidents in San Francisco are unfortunately all too common. It can be terrifying for bicyclists to get into an accident with an automobile, even a minor one. However, if you take the right actions immediately after a San Francisco bicycle accident, it can make a big impact on any legal case that arises later.

Obviously, if you are seriously injured in a bicycle crash, your first step should be to seek medical treatment for your injuries. You should also contact the police. Even if you think you aren’t injured, you should file a police report. You may think that your bicycle isn’t damaged or that you aren’t injured, but if you don’t file a police report and find out later that you are injured or your bicycle is damaged, it may be too late to get a police report, or if you do, it can be a major ordeal.

Your next step should be to get the name of the driver (or pedestrian, or other bicyclist) involved in the accident, as well as his or her contact information and insurance information. If there are witnesses around, get their names and contact information as well. If you have been injured, ask a bystander to get the information for you if possible.

If you are able, take pictures of the scene. Take as many pictures from as many different angles as possible. Take pictures of your injuries, if possible, and take pictures of your damaged bicycle. Take notes on the weather conditions, and ask witnesses if they’re willing to let you record their version of what happened – most cell phones now have voice recorders and/or video recorders. You should also consider recording your own voice or making a video of yourself to document what you believe happened – later on, after all the excitement has died down, it can be difficult to remember exactly what happened.

Finally, you will want to keep the evidence. Keep your bicycle and clothing in the same condition as after the accident. Don’t throw away or fix your helmet – these can all be important later on if a lawsuit is necessary.

There could be some complex legal issues at play in your accident. You should seek a consultation with an experienced San Francisco bicycle accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident if you believe another party has liability.

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