Consisting of almost 1,000 in square miles, Sacramento County is the largest county in the Bay Area. It also has a large population, with about 1.5 million residents.  In one recent year, there were over 6,500 car wrecks which involved injuries in the county, and over 100 deaths occurred.

Automobile accidents not only kill, but they also destroy lives and families. An automobile accident can result in catastrophic spinal cord injuries, burns, and head injuries. A serious accident can result in permanent disability, which can mean a lifetime of being unable to work. An automobile accident victim is entitled to compensation for an accident caused by another party’s negligence.

An attorney can help you with your case. Although you may be able to negotiate a fair amount for a settlement that results from a simple car accident with no injuries, if the injuries or automobile damage is significant, it’s almost always best to hire an attorney. Micha Star Liberty helps victims of automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, SUV accidents, and more with their claims. This may include working out a settlement with an insurance company, or taking a case to trial. Often, insurance companies try to pressure victims into settling before they consult with an attorney. Don’t let this happen to you – insurance adjusters are not on your side.

Instead of handling the case yourself, call Micha Star Liberty at Liberty Law. She helps clients obtain money for their damages, which could include money for time off from work, medical expenses, damage to your automobile, and more. Her clients include accident victims in Sacramento County. She works with clients from Sacramento, Antelope, Vineyard, Arden-Arcade, Galt, Carmichael, Florin, Elverta, Rosemont, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Wilton, Elk Grove, Parkway-South Sacramento, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Rio Lindo, Cordova, and North Highlands.

Micha Star Liberty also helps individuals and companies who need assistance with employment law issues. Employment law cases she typically handles include sexual harassment at work, or discrimination or harassment because of an employee’s disability, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, and more. If such discrimination or harassment occurs, the employee has a legal claim against the employer, and may be entitled to compensation or other remedies because of the mistreatment, even if it doesn’t come directly from the employer. Employers can also mistreat employees by failing to pay them correctly for hours worked, vacation time, or sick time.

Liberty Law also works on behalf of employers to assist with investigations, handbooks or contracts, among other issues. Liberty Law has the knowledge and professionalism to provide assistance with a variety of legal issues that may occur in an employment context.

If you’re in the Bay Area, including Sacramento County, and you need help with a car accident case, another type of accident case, or an employment law issue, call Micha Star Liberty at Liberty Law. She will provide you with a free consultation on your case. Call her at 510-645-1000 or 415-896-1000 to learn more.

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