Police are investigating after three separate fatal bicycle accidents occurred in the Bay Area within a 24 hour period. Two of those were hit and run accidents.

In Pleasanton, a bicyclist was killed in a traffic accident at the intersection of Valley Boulevard and Stanley Avenue. She was riding southbound on Valley Boulevard when a car that was travelling eastbound on Stanley Avenue hit her. The driver who hit her cooperated with the police.

In another accident, a 32 year old man who was driving a BMW hit and killed a bicyclist at 7th and Howard Streets in San Francisco. An eyewitness saw him get out of the car, and the witness detained him until the police could arrive. The victim was a 26 year old woman.

In the third accident, a 41 year old woman was killed in Golden Gate Park. The driver who hit her fled the scene and is believed to have been speeding in the wrong lane. Eyewitnesses reported that the speeding driver was trying to pass slower traffic when the car hit the cyclist head-on. The driver’s vehicle was found about a mile away, and it had been reported stolen.

Officials have been under scrutiny because of the large number of bicycle accidents in the Bay Area, many of which are fatal. However, officials say that the initiative they introduced with the goal of zero traffic deaths in San Francisco by 2024, called Vision Zero, made some positive changes, but it cannot stop dangerous drivers from speeding. According to officials, they have been redesigning streets, involving more law enforcement officials, and in general trying to make the streets safer.

Officials point out that it’s not realistic to have police on every street. They also claim that in many localities, speeders are tracked using cameras that issue tickets, which they are currently not allowed to do under California law. The officials claim that the speeding cameras have been proven to cut down on accidents by 25 percent in communities in which they are used. Law enforcement officials say that in order to decrease accidents and injuries, all drivers must be more aware, must slow down, and must put their phones away.

It’s very unfortunate that in a beautiful city like San Francisco, where bike riding can be an enjoyable and easy way to get around, that there are many senseless fatalities every year because of the negligence of other motorists. Urban areas such as San Francisco have the highest risk for bicycle accidents with more bicyclists and motorists sharing the roads.

When an accident between an automobile and a bicycle occurs, in many cases the accident occurs because of the driver’s reckless actions. Bicycle-automobile accidents are often caused by a driver’s poor judgment, negligence, or recklessness. Although bicycles have the same right of way and yield rights as automobiles, it’s common for motorists to refuse to yield or to claim they do not see the bicyclist. Some common causes of accidents between bicyclists and automobiles include when the driver is turning left across traffic, or is turning right into a bicycle lane, a bicyclist being hit by a door of a parked vehicle, or a driver driving too close to a bicyclist, causing him or her to crash.

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