When you are walking through a parking lot to your car, you may assume that nothing will happen. Unfortunately, in reality there are a number of types of accidents that can happen in that short walk. When a California property owner fails to maintain a parking lot, and creates unsafe dangers that can cause injuries, the property owner can be held legally liable for damages.

By law, business owners have a legal responsibility to maintain safe parking lots for customers. Business owners must be diligent in upholding that duty by performing regular inspections of and maintenance work on their parking lots. In some cases, they must also provide good lighting and security. If a business fails to make its parking lot safe, and you are injured as a result, you can sue the company for damages.

The duty of care that is owed by a business owner to its customers is a high one. Upon acquiring or leasing a property, a business may need to provide extra additions to ensure that the parking lot is safe. It may need to hire security guards, place signs in the lot to warn of dangers, or provide lighting. Remodeling may need to be done to the parking lot to make it safe for users.

When a business fails to meet this duty of care, and customers are harmed, they can sue the business for damages. The injured accident victim will have to prove that the business had a duty of care, the business failed to meet its duty of care, and that the customer suffered injuries as a result.

When a person is injured in a parking lot, the injuries can be very expensive, and can prevent the victim from working or resuming his or her normal life. Some of the types of injuries that can occur in a fall in a parking lot include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, and more.

Some examples of dangerous conditions in parking lots include open potholes, broken steps, cracked pavement, poor lighting, criminals, and more. Business owners have a duty to anticipate any potential dangers and to take steps to protect their customers from them. When they fail, the injured customer can sue for damages. This can include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses, such as expenses for rehab and other out-of-pocket expenses. Family members can obtain compensation as well in some cases.

At Liberty Law, Micha Star Liberty and Seth I. Rosenberg believe that anyone who is injured on a business owner’s property as a result of the business owner failing to take steps to secure the property should seek the compensation to which he or she is entitled. Call the San Francisco Bay area premises liability attorneys at Liberty Law if you have been injured because of a dangerous condition on another’s property. We work with clients throughout the area, including Oakland, San Jose, Tracy, Fairfield, Sacramento, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas.

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