A former Moline, Iowa Public Library worker is getting a $1 million-plus legal settlement from a lawsuit in which she claimed a retired library director fired her in retaliation for complaints she made against the director.

Mary Clark, a 24-year library employee, complained to the library board in July 2008, saying Library Director Leslie Kee was creating a hostile work environment, managing the library staff through intimidation and behaving in a vulgar and offensive manner.

In her lawsuit against Kee and the City of Moline, Clark said Kee’s behavior was based on sexual, racial and national origin stereotypes.

The former operations manager said Kee was reprimanded for her behavior in September 2008, and one month later, she recommended to the library board that Clark’s position be eliminated to save money.

Clark was dismissed and filed the lawsuit within months of her dismissal.

Officials from the city’s legal department vowed to fight the lawsuit, but their position, and that of their insurance company, changed when “a series of questionable statements” by Kee surfaced.

“The city and insurance company were surprised and disappointed by the content of those statements,” city officials said in a news release issued this week.

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