The plane crash that occurred in San Francisco last year involving an Asiana Airlines flight was recently blamed on the pilots involved. The National Transportation Safety Board held its final hearing on the crash, and released a report with its findings. The accident, which killed three people and injured 49 others, involved a Boeing 777 flying from Seoul to San Francisco.

According to the report, the pilots mismanaged their approach to the airport. Five miles from the airport, the plane was flying 450 feet too high. The pilot did not realize he had not put the flight-control system into a mode which disabled the jet’s speed protection system, which shut off the automated throttle system. The pilots decided to abort the landing too late, and ended up striking a sea wall at the airport before breaking apart. The plane spun 360 degrees and caught on fire. One of the fatalities that occurred involved a 16 year old girl from China who was ejected from the plane and was killed by an emergency vehicle responding to the scene.

Investigators allege that the pilots had not had enough first hand flying experience with the 777. The pilots were dependent on the flight-control computers, which have become so complex that many pilots don’t fully understand them. The pilots were also overly fatigued, which could have contributed to the accident. Asiana has already revised its pilot training procedures in order to give their pilots more flying experience.

With the recent news of a commercial flight being shot down by a missile, as well as the ongoing story involving the missing jetliner, you may be considering canceling your next trip. However, accidents involving large commercial aircraft are extremely rare, and when they do occur they are big news. Accidents involving smaller aircraft, such as helicopters and single-engine airplanes, are much more common.

If you have been involved in an airplane accident, you may have the legal right to sue the responsible party or parties. However, it can be difficult to prove which person or company is responsible for the accident. The accident could be attributable to pilot error, faulty equipment, the negligence of air traffic controllers, problems with the structure or design of an airplane, or the negligence of another party. Aviation accidents can also involve a variety of laws, including local, state, and federal. Several regulatory agencies may be involved in an accident, including a state agency, the National Transportation Safety Board, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

If you are involved in an aviation accident, time is not on your side. It’s important that you begin working with an attorney as quickly as possible to assemble your case. Evidence can go missing or be destroyed, witnesses’ memories fade, and court time limitations do apply to each case. At Liberty Law, Micha Star Liberty believes that every party involved in a flight should put forth the highest level of service in order to ensure that the flight is a safe one. If you have been hurt or a loved one has been killed, you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible parties. This can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, disability expenses, funeral expenses, punitive damages, and more.

Call Micha Star Liberty, San Francisco aviation accident attorney, if you have been involved in an airplane or a helicopter crash. Liberty Law can be reached at 510-645-1000 or 415-896-1000. Micha Star Liberty works with clients throughout the Oakland-San Francisco area, including Hayward, Tracy, Fairfield, Berkeley, San Jose and Sacramento. Call her today to schedule your free consultation on your aviation accident.

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