Transgender People Still Face Steep Obstacles to Employment


Although transgender individuals are making a great deal of progress in today’s society and in asserting the civil rights they clearly deserve, unfortunately that progress has not always translated into the workplace. Politically, there obstacles as well. The White House …

Myths About Sexual Assault and False Reporting


Myths have been floating around for decades about how often sexual assaults actually occur and how often false reporting of sexual assault occurs. One common myth is that false reporting occurs frequently.  A few well-publicized stories of false reporting can …

New Law: SB755 Signed by Gov. Jerry Brown


The SB755 bill created by San Jose Senator Jim Beall (D) has been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown the Los Angeles Times reported. Senator Beall authored the bill after meeting with parents who would decide to not file …

Ex-Employee Sues Construction Firm for Racial Discrimination


A former employee of a construction firm in Pleasanton recently sued the company and its owners for racial discrimination and harassment. The former employee, who is African American, alleges that the owners repeatedly made sexist and racist remarks, and treated …

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