With the recent news of the largest corporate data breach in U.S. history, it’s crucial for all Americans to take control of their personal credit information to avoid being victims of credit card fraud and identity theft.  Now RocketLawyer.com is offering completely free identity theft help for everyone with its Easy Credit Freeze system, a component of The Identity Theft Legal Center.  In addition to the Easy Credit Freeze, the Identity Theft Legal Center allows consumers to find a lawyer who can help with identity theft matters.

Rocketlawyer.com recently consulted Ms. Liberty on the topic of identity theft.  She states: “Identity theft is one of the most prevalent and insidious crimes today, and, it must be dealt with proactively.  It is important to learn how to avoid becoming a victim in the first place, but of course, it’s essential to take swift action if your credit becomes compromised.  An attorney who specializes in consumer fraud can be your best advocate as you navigate the identity theft recovery process.”

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