A Maryland couple and their two-year old son won a major victory this week, after a taxing two year medical malpractice lawsuit against John Hopkins Hospital. When Rebecca Fielding was rushed via ambulance to the world-renowned hospital in Baltimore for an emergency Caesarean section, she was forced to wait more than two hours for nurses and doctors to deliver her baby. In those two hours, baby Enzo’s life was changed forever – he was born with cerebral palsy and seizure disorders, and will always been mentally and physically disabled.


A Baltimore Circuit Court jury was convinced by the couple’s argument that had the hospital treated Fielding earlier, the baby would be fine. They were awarded $55 million, and will receive approximately $30 million of that, due to the state cap on damages. However, the hospital’s representatives have said they plan to appeal the judgment.


According to a new 2012 statistic on medical malpractice, there were 308 malpractice cases in Maryland in 2012. California is one of the states with the most medical malpractices with 1352 cases resulting in over $200 million dollars in recovery for those injured due to the fault of a negligent doctor.


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