courthouse-1223279_1920A former jail officer has filed a lawsuit against Texas City claiming she was fired in retaliation for ending a romantic relationship with a police officer.

Latasha J. Olivares worked for the city of Texas City from 2004 until Jan. 5, 2009. During that time, she had a relationship with Cpl. Elroy Montgomery, she claims in the lawsuit filed against the city May 6 by her attorney, Josef F. Buenker, in Galveston’s 56th District Court.

Montgomery is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Olivares’ employment record contained no infractions until she complained, the lawsuit claims.

In September 2007, Olivares ended her relationship with the officer, and Montgomery assaulted her and continuously harassed her in an attempt to restart the relationship, the lawsuit claims.

Two months later, Montgomery arranged to have himself appointed Olivares’ supervisor and made their work schedules coincide, the lawsuit claims.

“Montgomery drove by Olivares’ home when she was off duty, and upon information and belief, called in license plate numbers of vehicles parked in front of Olivares’ house to the police dispatcher in order to see who might be visiting her,” the lawsuit claims.

Montgomery also filed infractions against Olivares in retaliation for rejecting his advances, the lawsuit claims.

On Oct. 31, 2008, Olivares filed a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and she was terminated 66 days later on the pretense she was absent from work without an excuse, the lawsuit claims.

Olivares, however, had a doctor’s note in compliance with the city’s policy, the lawsuit claims.

“Olivares’ termination was in retaliation for the complaints that she had made regarding Montgomery and the charge of discrimination that she filed,” the lawsuit claims.

Olivares was subjected to unwelcome sexual harassment, which created a hostile work environment, the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit demands a jury trial and seeks, among other things, back pay, compensatory and punitive damages.

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