If you have five malpractice lawsuits filed against you, and pending criminal charges, there may be something fundamentally wrong with your level of patient care. You’d think that people would avoid making such grave mistakes, but apparently it happens.

Dr. Daniel Baldi of Des Moines was sued for a fifth time this week by family members of a patient who died last September of an overdose of oxycodone. The suit alleges Baldi was “grossly negligent” in prescribing the narcotic painkillers without properly assessing or monitoring his patient’s need.

Prosecutors cited Chad Martin’s death as one of eight deaths in criminal charges of involuntary manslaughter filed against the doctor. Baldi was recklessly prescribing large amounts of narcotic painkillers to patients and failed to take precautions against drug abuse, the prosecutors claimed.

Baldi has denied wrongdoing but has agreed not to resume practicing medicine while the criminal case proceeds. The lawyer representing Baldi, Guy Cook, said the doctor “vigorously denies” the new lawsuit and is factually untrue.

“Dr. Baldi did his best to treat Mr. Martin,” Cook said in an email.

But for 12 year old Bailyn and 11 year old Brandon – the surviving children of Chad Martin – Baldi’s best may have killed their father. They deserve all the justice they can get.

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