pills1Scientific and medical advances over the past century have been nothing short of miraculous. We now have medications that can heal diseases or illnesses that would have been a death sentence years ago. However, there are still problems with medications that can occur. At times, mistakes are made by doctors, nurses, pharmacists or other medical professionals. In some cases, the company that manufactures the drug is at fault.

Some of the medication problems that can occur include:

  • A doctor prescribes the wrong medicine to a patient
  • A doctor prescribes the wrong dosage to a patient
  • A nurse makes a mistake in administering the drug to a patient
  • A doctor fails to notice that the patient is taking drugs that could interact with other drugs the patient is currently taking
  • A pharmacist grabs the wrong bottle and gives the patient the wrong medicine
  • A pharmacist gives the patient the wrong dosage

Medication malpractice can also occur when a patient has a drug interaction. Doctors are supposed to check to see which drugs a patient is taking before prescribing new drugs so that a dangerous drug interaction does not occur. If they fail to notice an interaction that could occur, or if they fail to ask a patient which drugs he or she is currently taking, the doctor could be held liable. Pharmacists could also be held liable for giving a patient two drugs that could interact. Doctors or other medical professionals could also be legally liable for giving a patient a drug to which the patient is allergic, if the allergy is known by the patient.

Drug manufacturers also have a duty to the public and can be held liable for medication malpractice. This could occur if the drugs were not properly tested for safety for the public. If drugs are rushed to the market in order to make a quick profit, the drug company can be held liable for any damages that occur as a result. Drug manufacturers also are responsible for contamination. If a drug becomes contaminated during the manufacturing process, it may be held liable.

Errors involving medications can cause death, serious illness or lifetime complications. Medical professionals have a duty to use a high standard of care in prescribing or administering prescription medications. If the professional fails to do so, he or she can be held legally liable. In addition, drug manufacturers have a duty to make safe prescription drugs for the general public.

At Liberty Law, Micha Star Liberty believes patients who are endangered by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other medical professional, and drug companies, have a legal right to compensation from the medical professional or a drug company. If you or a loved one has had complications because of medication malpractice, call Micha Star Liberty, San Francisco medical malpractice attorney, at 510-645-1000 or 415-896-1000. She will give you a free consultation on your case and will help you negotiate a settlement or take the case to trial. Call to learn more about your legal options.

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