Fortunately, airplane travel is now one of the safest forms of travel. A person is much, much more likely to be hurt in an accident on the way to the airport than to be hurt in an airplane crash. However, when accidents do occur, they normally result in serious, catastrophic injuries or death. It is very, very rare for a commercial airliner to be involved in a crash, although it can occur. More often, small airplanes and helicopters are involved in crashes than large commercial jets.

When an airplane crash occurs, it most likely injures the passengers and crew on the airplane. However, individuals on the ground can be hurt too. This could include airport and airline workers, Airplane crashes most frequently hurt the pilot and passengers of the airplane, air show attendees, and others on the ground who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyone who is injured by an airplane crash has legal rights.

There can be a lot of factors involved in an airplane accident, which can result in potential liability for multiple parties. Some of the potential factors include:

–          An old or poorly maintained aircraft

–          Mechanical problems with an aircraft

–          Defective parts within the aircraft

–          Pilot error

–          Negligent or improperly trained air traffic controllers

–          Poor aircraft design

–          Weather

In an airplane or helicopter accident, the cause of the accident can be very difficult to determine. However, because there are so many parties involved, it’s critical to find the cause, not only because of liability, but also to prevent the accident from occurring again. Some of the parties responsible could include the airport, the airline, the pilot, the aircraft’s manufacturer, the aircraft’s maintenance company, and others.

Airplane accidents are complex because of trying to sort out liability among the multiple parties involved in airplane travel. However, airplane and helicopter accidents also involve many laws, including both California and federal laws. The Federal Aviation Administration is in charge of the oversight of air travel safety, and the National Transportation Safety Board is tasked with investigating all accidents that do occur. The Federal Aviation Administration is also responsible for oversight of the maintenance and manufacturing of all aircrafts in the United States, as well as for enforcing aviation-related laws.

If you have been involved in an airplane accident, it’s important to determine which party is at fault. An attorney with significant experience in personal injury law can help you not only determine which party is legally liable, but also will help sort through state and federal laws and regulations in order to determine the best way in which to bring your case.

At Liberty Law, Micha Star Liberty believes that airlines have an extremely high duty to keep their passengers safe. If an accident occurs, the families of those injured or killed should be compensated. If you have been injured in an airplane or helicopter accident in the San Francisco area, including Oakland, Fairfield, Tracy or Hayward, including San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, Fairfield or Tracy, call Micha Star Liberty, San Francisco personal injury attorney, at 510-645-1000 or 415-896-1000. You also have legal rights if you are injured because of an airplane in-flight problem, which typically occurs because of turbulence or emergency evacuations.



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