A Virginian woman filed a lawsuit last month in regards to the molestation she faced at the hands of her priest, Reverend Thomas Euteneur, while seeking his help for exorcism, After Euteneur made the woman – who is identified as “Jane Doe” in the suit – sign a full cooperation agreement, he groped and touched her inappropriately for over two years, including the six occasions he told her to undress. Also, on several occasions, the plaintiff alleged that Euteneur intensely kissed the woman and passed it off as “blowing the Holy Spirit” into her body. When the woman finally realized that she was being sexually exploited, she complained to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington about Euteneur, who was then transferred to the Diocese of Palm Beach.

The lawsuit does not directly target Euteneur, who has already reached an independent settlement with Jane Doe; it does, however, focus on the church for “the governance of the Roman Catholic priests practicing within its assigned geographical borders,” According to court documents, Jane Doe is asking for compensatory damages and punitive damages, which if her claims are proven would be much deserved.

One must ask if the Catholic Church will finally take a stand against sexual abuse of their petitioners, and stop the policy of merely transferring priest after complaints are made against them.

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