$1.8 million was awarded in a medical malpractice claim when a doctor misdiagnosed a 25-year-old woman’s heart condition, causing her to need a heart transplant. Thorne went to the emergency room at Sentara Port Warwick with complaints of shortness of breath, coughing and chest pain on June 11, 2005, nearly four months after delivering a baby. Thorne’s X-rays showed an enlarged heart that the emergency room doctor concluded was bronchitis and gave her an antibiotic. On July 5th, a second doctor at Sentara said it was a virus and prescribed a medication for nausea. On July 13th, the problems began to worsen. Thorne went to the emergency room complaining of chest pain and shortness of breath. She had swelling in her legs, an enlarged heart and an abnormal electrocardiogram and was diagnosed with hepatitis. On July 18th, doctors at St. Agnes Hospital diagnosed Thorne with a rare heart condition caused by childbirth and she later received a heart transplant. If Thorne had been diagnosed properly earlier, she could have avoided the transplant and been treated with mediation. See the full story here.

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