Racial profiling is terrible as it is, but to do it to a young 13 year old boy in his neighborhood is abhorrent.

A Northwestern professor is suing the Evanston police officer and the City of Evanston after her son was handcuffed and mistaken for a burglary suspect last month , though the boy and the suspect had nothing in common except their race.

The five-count suit alleges the office Mark Buell violated the boy’s state and federal rights prohibiting unreasonable search and seizure and false imprisonment, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Despite Ava Thompson Greenwell’s attestations that her son was innocent, the police stopped the teen on his bike and was detained against a police car.

The police blotter listed the suspect as a teenager, 6 feet tall. Greenwell’s son was about 5’5”, and looked like a child. Even the clothing description was completely off.

The lawsuit asks for “at least $1 plus the costs of this action and such other relief deemed to be just and equitable.”

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