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Liberty Law was founded on a simple principle: Protect the people, not the powerful.

Every week, egregious abuses of civil rights laws and violations to a person’s body occur. Whether intentional — such as by sexual assault or due to negligent actions like a car or truck accident, our firm has represented hundreds of families and individuals in need.

If you have not been physically injured, but have suffered from discrimination during employment, we zealously represent our clients in Employment Law matters. Racial, religious, and gender discrimination are not tolerated, but studies show it continues to occur.  The impact of emotional and financial distress are taken seriously and we are dedicated to winning you the maximum compensation.

Our firm is comprised of a dynamic team who collectively advocates on behalf of our clients, investigating their cases and related incidents. We meet with experts in medical and forensic fields, and have a support staff to ensure our clients are kept informed about their case in a timely manner.

The firm was founded by Micha Star Liberty in 2005. Ms. Liberty was Vice-President of the California State Bar association, an organization of more than 150,000 lawyers throughout the state. She was President of the Contra-Costa County Trial Lawyers Association, and has worked on behalf of the public at the White House and for two members of the United States Congress.

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“Just when I was about to give up to the misrepresentation of the original law firm that took my case, I found Micha Liberty.”

Francisco J. Padilla

Why Choose Liberty Law?

1. A Winning Track Record. Our firm has won more than 98% of the cases we have accepted in the past 10 years.

2. Diligence in Trial. Our team will not be outworked. If we commit to take your case, you can be assured everything will be done to discover every opportunity that you may be compensated. Our associations and network to veteran attorneys and collaborative efforts ensure our approach to your case will result in the maximum compensation possible.

3. Respect. Not only for you, our client, but for the opposing party and judicial system. Our goal is to resolve your case quickly so you can move on with your life. Whether this is by settlement or through trial, every tactical move we make is only done for your benefit.

4. Experience matters. Many lawyers have practiced law for 20 or 30 years but have only been to a courthouse a handful of times. Not all lawyers are created equal. The lawyers of Liberty Law are trial attorneys, preparing every case and practicing every scenario as if it were going to trial.

5. Size. Many firms proclaim they will be more successful on your behalf due to their size. While in some serious cases this may be true, the reality is that those firms require hundreds or even thousands of clients to support the costs of their operation. This leads to less time spent with your lawyer, which means less time to understand your case thoroughly. We take the time to know our clients, which often results in the highest award in your favor.

If You Need Legal Advice, We Are Here to Help You

We all need help at some point in our lives. If you are facing a legal question, please understand there are many elements to your case that can make a significant difference. These unique facts should be addressed with an attorney who can provide you with a confidential consultation, that is of no cost or obligation to you.

If you are ready to contact a lawyer and would like to speak with Ms. Liberty, call us today at (510) 645-1000.

“With grace and professionalism, Micha helped us navigate one of the most trying periods of our life.”


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