Micha Star Liberty, and the hardworking attorneys and support staff who work with Liberty Law, have dedicated their lives to improving the circumstance of those who have been harmed and wronged by the greed and thoughtless acts of the rich and powerful. Whether you’ve been seriously injured through no fault of your own in an auto accident or you’ve been the victim of employment discrimination, we are here to help. We aggressively and tirelessly strive to obtain a just result in your case.

At Liberty Law we have a thorough understanding of many areas of the law, however, we prefer to focus our practice on personal injury, automobile accidents, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs and products, employee rights, discrimination, harassment, civil rights litigation. We also represent victims of sexual abuse at the hands of medical professionals, like doctors, and by clergy. Our commitment to helping our clients recover money damages does not waiver regardless of the type of case.

Due to our years of experience, we know that when an individual or group of people have suffered some wrong, they are up against substantial odds when trying to force the responsibly party to pay. Although our opposition may be powerful and have ample resources to spend trying to deny you justice, we are committed to achieving a successful outcome for you.

Obtaining an extraordinary financial result for you is not our only concern; although, it is a top priority. We are also concerned with making sure our clients are fully educated about the process of litigation, and answer any and all questions or concerns that may arise. We understand that this is a process that may be unfamiliar and intimidating, so we walk with you hand-in-hand every step of the way.

We also believe in achieving justice.

When written, the fundamental promise of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” found in the Declaration of Independence applied only to limited segments of our society. It was from the struggle of civil rights leaders, proactive legislation, and often through civil lawsuits that these basic principles are now applied to every citizen. Whether representing a person injured through no fault of their own, or someone victimized by a large corporation with extraordinary power, Liberty Law pursues justice on behalf of its clients in an effort to continue the battle for civil rights and justice for all.

Because of our commitment to attaining justice for our clients, no case is too large or complex for us to handle. We frequently represent groups of individuals who have suffered sexual harassment or abuse, and class actions geared toward consumer protection, antitrust violations, wage violations and discrimination against large corporations, insurance companies and auto dealers and financiers.

We work hard to help sheppard you through difficult times, like after a serious accident, after the death of a loved one, after an unfair job loss.

So if you or a loved one has suffered a "personal injury" or physical and emotional harm, which is sometimes coupled with financial losses like immediate and long-term bills related to medical care, lost wages and lost earning potential, you should immediately contact a California attorney with experience pursing negligence cases on behalf of victims. Also, if a person has died as the result of another's negligence (a "wrongful death"), family members can seek compensation for their loss.

Also, if you have been the victim of workplace harassment or discrimination, have been wrongfully terminated, or have been paid wages incorrectly, you should call Liberty Law for advice and representation. Be mindful that employers can make appropriate work place decisions, like hiring and firing but the law does not allow them to discriminate. And, we don’t either. It is important to remember that strict time lines called Statutes of Limitations apply to all legal claims, and if you fail to call an experienced employment law attorney at Liberty Law, your right to sue may be lost.

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